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What "The Guide" will do for you


"The Guide" is the essential resource book for picking up girls that can help you approach, talk to and date that beautiful girl you have always wanted to meet! "The Guide" is simply the easiest and fastest way to pick up beautiful girls.

"The Guide" was created because we wanted to find out what it really takes to meet and date hot girls. After dozens of interviews with attractive single girls and plenty of "field testing" our methods, we sat down and put it all together. We came to the conclusion that you don't have to be really good-looking or rich to pick up gorgeous girls. All you have to do is follow some very simple steps and proven strategies that are effective for anyone who uses them.

"The Guide" will boost your confidence picking-up girls with proven techniques to get a girl's attention and keep it. Learn how to build the "Master Rap" so that you can pick-up a girl anywhere. Find out how to create a comfortable persona for yourself. Learn how to successfully ask and get a girls phone number every time. Learn about girls whose "Switches are on and off". Overcome the fear of rejection.

  • The importance of picking a good "Wingman".
  • 40 proven successful opening lines.
  • Complete sample dialogues to use.
  • Tips on drinking alcohol and using props.
  • Dressing right and the significance of working out.

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