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About the Author

Gabe Fischbarg is a practicing attorney and independent film and television producer who is currently Associate Producer/Legal Advisor to The People's Court television show.

Book Description

You're at a party. You see a sexy, beautiful woman standing by herself in the corner. How do you approach her? What do you say? How do you get her attention--and keep it?

Packed with useful information, practical advice, and proven techniques for successfully picking up women any time, anywhere, this essential handbook tells men everything they need to know to score with the opposite sex.

"The Guide to Picking Up Girls" includes tips on how to:
  • Pick the right "wingman"
  • Develop a "master rap" for getting and keeping her interest (sample dialogues included)
  • Deal with guys who try to blow your rap
  • Build confidence-being nervous is not an option
  • Overcome the fear of rejection-no girl is too pretty to talk to
  • Learn to analyze a woman's body language and signals ...and much more!

    Whether it's a crowded bar or a noisy party, a club or a wedding, a supermarket or a coffee shop...from breaking the ice with surefire opening lines to finding out whether she has a boyfriend, The Guide to Picking Up Girls gives men the rules to make it with today's women. Lively and engaging, it's the authoritative resource for meeting that major babe.

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